Taking Important Steps When Your Car Breaks Down

Taking Important Steps When Your Car Breaks Down

Broken down car, in the middle of nowhere? It is a dangerous, inconvenient and pricey accident all at once. Need a fast assistance in getting your car towed in the middle of the road somewhere in LA? Very frequently an accident occurs when you are expecting it the least. But there are no needs to worry. Fortunately, if the occurred car malfunction is treated properly, it will not cause any harm to you and all you will obtain is a valuable experience in car breakdown and repair process. First, you need to understand how to act and we are here to give you some tips on this matter. So what measures have to be taken in order to ensure an efficient and fast car repairing process?

1.Do your best to be prepared beforehand

This may seem a little obvious, but still, it would be really helpful to you if you are emergency-ready.  There is certain equipment you should store in your car in the hope of never using those. The list includes, but is not limited to:

  • Phone charger,
  • First Aid Kit,
  • Reflective Warning Triangles,
  • Jumper Cables,
  • Water Bottles.

Trust me; the last thing you want is to be stuck in an accident with a low battery phone. This is the time when your phone is of vital importance and can literally save your time and also life.  So always keep your power-bank/phone charged and have extra batteries just in case of emergencies. If your car stopped because of its battery malfunctions, this is the case when jumper cables will help. The easiest way would be just to find another car on the road and kindly ask the driver to help you, I’m pretty sure anyone will be willing to help. As for the water bottles, stress will definitely dehydrate your body, but more importantly, water will also be helpful when you have issues such as coolant leak. All of these things listed above may be in handy in emergency situations.

2. Do not panic!

Emergency situations can make us think abnormally and our brain to function in an unusual way for us. What you need to do before taking any steps, you should take a deep breath, calm down and clear your mind. This way when you are thinking clearly and with confidence, you will easily find the right measures to take. In other words, you will see what is needed to be done to easily get the problem solved, instead of panicking. The first step should definitely be to find a safer place.

3. Safety! Safety! Safety!

As mentioned, in emergency situations our brains may start functioning in an unusual way. You should program your brain to find a safer place at that moment. The safety of your passengers, you and other drivers should be your priority at that moment. What you need to do is to make sure you are not in a dangerous position, and then if possible move your vehicle, so that it’s not interrupting the movement of other cars.

So when you are already safe and sound, what you need to do is start warning other cars about the occurred accident. Let’s continue to that step.

4. Warn other vehicles

Now that you are safe, it’s the high time to start taking measures. Above we discussed what tools are needed to keep in the car, warning reflective triangles were one of the tools. This is the part when it will come in handy. After putting these signs so that they are perfectly seen by the other vehicles you can start signaling, turn on the hazard lights, and do your best to show other vehicles that an accident occurred. This way it will be easier not to disturb the normal movement of other cars. Also, it will be easier for the car tower to find you.

5. Simply contact WeHo Towing

All of the steps mentioned above can be easily done with just one call. Call us and we will ensure that you are safe and your car is in good hands. If you run out of gas, got locked out of your car or simply need to your car to be towed in the middle of LA’s traffic, simply contact us by 323-536-9559 and we will assist you in whatever you need. We fully can satisfy your needs by providing our professional service with very appealing prices.  

All in all, breakdowns are definitely not a fun event, but you surely learn from each and every event in your life. The next time of a car breakdown you will be experienced and calm will surely know how to act. You will keep the tools you may need in your car. And finally, you will have the number of WeHo Towing in your contacts for a quick, professional and quality towing services in Los Angeles.


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