5 Signs that Your Car is about to Break Down

5 Signs that Your Car is about to Break Down

Imagine if we could understand our car, whether it has problems and is giving us signs of an inevitable breakdown soon. Well, I’m here to tell you that our cars do show us some symptoms and warning signs, before a major failure. Unfortunately, we often take our automobile’s proper working for granted and don’t even bother paying extra attention to the signals it may give. After all, if you are a pro in car maintenance or have a vague understanding about it, you should take into account the anomalies of your vehicle. I’m going to list five of that signs that your car may show, that you should never ignore.

Exhaust Pipe  

While most people may think that only diesel cars are blowing smoke from the pipes, in reality, all the cars are doing so, and it’s of vital importance to distinguish among the types of smoke.

White Vapour Smoke

It may be typical of your car to blow vapor-like white smoke while starting the engine, but it’s not normal when your car is already warm, and you are already on the road for more than 10 minutes. In this case, you should have your vehicle checked by a mechanic.

White Smoke

White thicker smoke may have worse reasons, than vapor-like smoke. If you ever witness white smoke coming out of the pipe, you should stop the car immediately. It may be an indicator of a coolant leak that can overheat the engine or the coolant leaks into the engine. In both of these cases, you should contact the mechanic immediately and solve the problems fast to avoid serious spendings.

Blue Smoke

The occurrence of the bluish smoke indicates some worn components of the car, like the piston rings, which can lead to an oil leak. The leakage means, the oil is pouring within the engine and can is burning along with the fuel. What do you need to do? Right, contact your mechanic asap to see if any parts should be repaired.

Gray Smoke

Blue and Gray smokes are somewhat indicating the same thing, that your engine is burning the transmission fluid. In this case, you will also be able to smell the burning. All in all, this means that your vehicle is using too much of your oil.

Black Smoke

Black thick smoke coming out of the pipe means that the car is burning too much fuel, because of a clogged air filter. Actually, it is an easy job to unclog it by yourself, but if after all the black smoke doesn’t stop coming out you should contact the mechanic asap.

Overall, smoke is never a good sign, but your quick reaction to it can save you from severe issues and huge spendings on car repair.


Noisy Brakes

Another signal that your car can communicate with you is the sound of the brakes. You should always pay attention to your brakes. They are composed of several components that are of vital importance, and when one of those is out of order, it can have severe consequences on the overall performance of your automobile.

Even though they are out of your sight and we sometimes don’t check what we can’t see, you should make an exception for the sake of your car’s performance. Squicky brakes can indicate that they are worn out, or brake calipers stick, and it is partially applied, meaning that the rotor and the pad are somehow connected. In the worst case scenario, because of these issues, you will face problems while trying to stop your car.

Overall, brakes have a significant influence on your automobile, and if you witness the problems mentioned above, you should see a mechanic as soon as you can. Repairing your car soon enough will save you money, time and also your life.

Unusual Vibration

Admittedly, there are various sounds you car makes while your driving. However, some of them aren’t supposed to be normal. They show that something is wrong with your car. Vibrations can occur in several places, wheels, brakes, and engine. Each of the areas that the vibration occurs needs separate attention, as they don’t indicate the same thing. The reason behind the fluctuation can be both harmful and have no dangerous effects. For example, tires may be vibrating because of accumulated dirt, and the only thing you need to do is to clean the mess. Another reason that is dangerous is improperly working driveshaft. For your safety, the best choice is always seeing a professional.

Oil Spots Under the Car

If you witness oil leakage coming out of the oil dipstick or blue smoke coming out (again), it is a sign of wasting oil. It can be indicating that the fuel is leaking into the components of the engine and getting burnt unnecessarily.

If there is oil under the car, you should take a look at the color of the fluid. Yes, your car is that smart and shows the inside issue by the hue of the leakage. The brown color is showing the engine’s oil leak, and the green color is indicating the coolant issues.

As you already have already understood, oil can be a culprit of many issues. So always pay extra attention to oil-related accidents.

Flashing Engine Lights

Just as simple as that, warning lights of your car are your best friend. The reason behind the malfunction lights can be different,  ranging from severe issues to something minor. We concluded that they might flash for various reasons, but that doesn’t mean we should ever ignore them. Be sure to stay attentive!

To conclude, your car has its unique ways of communicating with you. It shows the first phases of the problem when it isn’t very harmful yet. If you are attentive and informed, you can avoid financial spendings and gain helpful experience in understanding your car well. So, don’t ever ignore unusual signals from your vehicle.

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