5 Things You Should Never Do To Your Car

5 Things You Should Never Do To Your Car

Everyone can relate to the situation when you get used to your car you start taking its proper functioning for granted. You stop checking it periodically, you develop new habits of driving it, and sometimes these habits of yours may have severe consequences for your lovely vehicle. Sometimes you may even make unconscious decisions that you think will ‘improve’ the performance of your car, but they don’t. Because of your unconscious actions, your vehicle that is intended to serve you for a long period of time, will wear out very soon. So to allay all the misconceptions and to keep your car in a great shape for a long period of time, let’s jump right into the list of what you should never do to your car.

Never overinflate your tires

At first, it may seem that the inflation of the tires may not have any harmful effects on the overall life of your car, but this is where you are getting it wrong. The tires can be expensive to replace periodically, but it’s not just about the money. It can also result in the malfunction of the tire pressures. A lot of drivers believe that the more you inflate your tires, the smoother your drive will be. But that is a common misconception and this will actually cause your vehicle to be bumpy and bouncy. During the situation that the road is wet, you will face some serious problems, as the tire pressure of the car will be irregular. And lastly, you are seriously damaging the life of your tires and they won’t last as long as they are expected.

Use Properly Chosen Coolants

The performance of the car depends on many factors, one of which is the antifreeze you use and if it is correctly chosen. It is indeed an important fluid to keep your car running in the right way, especially during the winter time. Not only it keeps the vehicle from freezing, but also it serves as a good protection from corrosion. Long story short, your vehicle’s manual provides the information of what types you should and shouldn’t use. The wrong chosen coolants can have several severe consequences, for example, the malfunctioning of the water pump, radiator, heater and etc.

Another widespread misconception about the coolant, is that it you can use several types of the fluid simultaneously. Mixing incompatible fluids with different uses can result in deterioration of the whole engine. The damage can be found in plastic and rubber seals, but the worst part is you won’t be able to identify those immediately. So, I think you realized the importance of using the right coolant.
Never Use Products of Everyday Use for Washing Your Car
Admittedly, there are a lot of car owners who like the process of car washing by themselves. It is indeed a calming therapy, but you should also take into account the ‘well-being’ of your car. By saying ‘well-being’ I mean, you may unconsciously harm it by using wrong products. In other words, using soap, laundry detergent or other products of everyday use, you most certainly will scratch or harm it.

The detergent is aimed to break down even the small dirty pieces in the clothing and it efficiently does so. But for a car, it is a definite NO. Car paint will seriously be affected, let alone the waxed layer of it and critical protection parts of the car. So the formula of the detergent will eliminate the layers designed for protecting your car.

What you should do, is you should always use car-washing products bought from specialized shops. For example, car washing soap will have a superficial effect, but most probably will do a good job on cleaning the dirt.

Never Ignore the Warning Lights

You may not believe this, but your car is smart enough to give you signs of an upcoming breakdown. That is why should never underestimate the abilities of your car to give you signals. The reasons behind these signals may vary, from minor issues up to major car problems. The real point of importance here is that they are always indicating something you should never ignore. In these cases, you have several options to choose from, either you can check the owner’s manual to diagnose the car issues yourself, or just take the car right to the mechanic.
Some of the reasons behind this can be, but are not limited to oil pressure warning, coolant temperature warning, some reminders and etc. Overall, if the indicator light is on, don’t neglect on checking your vehicle properly. You may avoid some serious financial and nerve-wracking moments, if you do everything on time.

Never drive with low fuel

Well, the last point of our not-to-do list is the most obvious one, in my opinion, but still deserves our attention. It may happen to us a lot of times and we just won’t pay attention to the low fuel lights and just go on driving. However, there are reasons why we shouldn’t do so. The usage of the fuel among different car types may vary and no one knows how long the car will actually go on driving on a close-to-empty fuel tank. It depends on the car itself and on the driving style, so this light/warning is more of an estimate, rather than an exact signal. Also, if you allow your car to completely run out, it will also damage the car, as it will allow air to get into the pipes and eventually result in serious issues.

Overall, your car is constructed in a very smart and efficient way to show you upcoming events of it. There are things your car will tell you not to do, but some of your actions can only be limited by you. That is why you should always, always pay extra attention to how you treat the vehicle that is loyal to you. After all, our cars deserve the most attention and the best attitude from us.