10 Essentials to Always Keep in Your Car

10 Essentials to Always Keep in Your Car

Yay! Your dream came true, you finally have the car you always dreamed of. Now it’s the time to take proper care of it. Or another scenario; you already got used to your loyal vehicle and its occasional malfunctions. You know your car from A to Z, but you don’t keep emergency essentials in it. So, in both of the situations, the thing you do wrong is that you don’t have you and your car fully prepared. In other words, there is a list of things to keep in your vehicle for difficult situations.

You should keep in mind that the list that is to be provided is not universal, you should adjust it to your needs and your car’s demands. Let’s jump right into the list;

First Aid Kit

Not mainly for car accidents or severe situations, but for everyday use, like plasters, bandages, tweezers and etc. You never know which one of the items can come in handy. It can be a little scratch or even a knee dislocation, who knows? Everything in the kit is of vital importance and you can never anticipate when they will be needed.

Spare tire

It may sound a little obvious, but an extra tire in good condition is always a good idea. In addition to that, you should also be aware of how you should change it. Or else, it is just another tire that you cannot use properly. A bonus: keep a tire changing manual for you in the car, or just watch videos on YouTube, there are plenty of those and they are truly helpful.

Hazard Lights

These hazard lights, or otherwise known as warning lights can be useful on several occasions, during the day and night, so they reflect the light. They are intended to show to other drivers that you have maintenance or a situation going on in your car. They are also used during the accidents when you are waiting for a tow truck to come for you, but this is another story which we will thoroughly discuss later on.


Overall, these little triangles are used when you pulled your car to the side of the road; changing a tire or waiting for a tow truck of WeHo Towing.

Jumper Cables

Yes! Jumper cables should be one of the priorities, as a dead battery is an occasional event for the drivers. A little warning here, you should understand that every car is different and you should adjust your jump-starting skills to your own vehicle.

What you need to do here is find the kind person who will help you in this situation or simply keep an energy booster with you.

Car’s Manual(obviously)

Here comes the most obvious point of the list, the car’s manual that must be always in your car, so that you know what to do in jump-starting or other occasions. It is your guide to properly understanding the language of your car. Without our mentioning it should already be in the car’s glove compartment.


The paper maps are useful when the GPS isn’t working, there is a weak signal and you are lost somewhere. So old traditional maps are what will help you find the right path to your destination and not to go somewhere you should not.

Everyday essentials (Tissues, water bottles, some shopping bags)

A little compartment of elements of everyday use; such as tissues, duct tapes, empty bags should have their place in your car. Duct tape can be used in situations of temporary repair, for instance, when your car overheats and there is a busted hose, duct tape will be able to save you for some time. I can’t stress out the importance of the duct tape enough, it can be used as bandages, it can be used to keep broken parts together until you get to the auto repair shop.

The shopping bags are also very necessary, as they also can be used in different situations. Tissues, papers, pencils and etc should also be kept in a little compartment.

Emergency Contacts (WeHo Towing)

A little notebook of important contacts, people or car-related contacts should be kept in your car as well. Who knows if you will need the number of a mechanic or a number for a towing car? As a bonus, here is WeHo Towing number 323-536-9559, you can call us 24/7 in LA, Hollywood or West Hollywood to ensure that your car is in safe hands. So save our number in the little notebook we suggested, or in your phone. We will provide you with our experienced masters so that you know your car is in good hands.



When do our mobiles usually die? Right! In the worst time possible. You can be lost, in an accident, scared and alone, and in addition, don’t have a charged phone. It is a complete disaster!
Have a power bank, extra USB or a battery with you for your best friend here. It can save your life in this situation or be very useful for you.
And also, how do you imagine calling WeHo Towing without your phone?


Cardboard or Carpet Remnant

Even a little piece of carpet or cardboard will help you in emergency situations when your car is stuck in snow or muddy places. During the winter time, this situation can occur with you. You will just place the piece under the tire and smoothly drive your way out.


Overall, I think you understood that there are plenty of things that should be kept in your car. It is important to also learn the basic needs of your car so that you can adjust the items you keep. I truly hope you will never need the tools for severe emergency situations, but still, you need to be prepared.

Little aid kits, items of everyday use, maps, carpet pieces, jumper cables and the things mentioned earlier are just a portion of the things you need to consider for your car. Experiment, think and be creative, and treat your car well!