Car Maintenance Checklist

Car Maintenance Checklist

Your car may be the most properly working asset of yours, which doesn’t give you any headaches, but this fact doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take care of it periodically. It is a complex machine with many small details that need constant attention and care. The responsibility is yours to pay attention to its small parts and sudden malfunctioning signals.

In reality, your vehicle is a pretty smart creation, that wishes nothing but the best to you and is ready to serve you for many years. So what do you need to do here? Your only obligation is to be aware of the basic check-ups that need to be done, in order to ensure the long life of your vehicle.

Let’s get right into the important stuff and discuss what needs to be done.

Perhaps, one of the easiest steps of ensuring the ‘well-being’ of your car is to inspect your car periodically. After carefully examining the owner’s manual, you should be able to perform procedures of inspection. The procedures include comparing and assessing different components of your car, in order to see how they are functioning.

If the procedure mentioned above leads you to a situation where you don’t understand if everything is alright, here you can take your car to the professionals. I can offer you the professionals at WeHo Towing, as every need of yours relating to your vehicle can be satisfied.  Various maintenance services are offered, starting from diagnostics, tune-ups to a body and complete auto repairs.

But basic inspections like this aren’t always enough to keep your vehicle performance on the highest level. Just like the human body needs exercising to feel well and improve its physical performance, your car also needs help from you to improve its service to you.

Let’s start with the short-term periodical check-ups. It’s a very good idea to have the oil levels checked once a month and also before long road trips. Abnormal oil levels may have severe consequences, but fortunately, the checkup is very easy. When you check the owner’s manual, it will significantly help you and ease the process. Another checkup you should do once a month is checking the air filter and if there are some clogged debris or etc. If the filter is malfunctioning, it may affect the efficient use of the fuel and also decrease engine life.

The next filter that also needs attention every 3 months or so, is the oil filter that serves various functions. The main function is removing contaminants from engine oil, transmission oil, and lubricating oil. Overall, it is ensuring that the quality of the oil is good.

Lastly, for the checkups that need to be done once in a month or 3 months, you shouldn’t ignore the lights of the car. Yes, the lights also need to be checked, headlights, parking lights and etc. It is maybe the easiest checkup of the article.

Another checkup that you should pay attention to is the warning lights/ signs indicators. This one doesn’t need to be done as frequently as the ones mentioned earlier, but still, it is also of vital importance. They may serve you as an indicator of a bigger problems coming and that’s one of the reasons you should truly pay attention to their proper functioning.

Continuing the topic of checkups for every six months, the next car part is the tires. After using your car for a certain period of time, driving it in a very individual way, you should examine the wear patterns of the tires. This newly created patterns may vary between the front ones and the back ones, and even among each other. So, you need to rotate the tires and carefully look at everything unusual. This rotation will also increase their efficiency and eliminate noise and vibration issues.

Now we are diving into the other part of the maintenance, that usually occur more than once a year.

Our list is starting with the transmission fluid proper functioning in the car. This fluid is also a very important one in your car’s overall performance. Checking it will let you avoid costly problems connected with the change of the transmission and its damage. As we discussed the fluid, now it’s high time to stress the importance of the transfer case fluid. It is what gives the force from the transmission to the axles. Even though the majority of our discussed checkups can be done by you, this is the one that actually requires a mechanic. So, you can confidently bring your car to WeHo Towing and have it examined by experienced professionals.

The next thing we are going to discuss is the little things that transfer the electric current to so-called combustion chamber. These are called the spark plugs and as you understood they are really important, as they are responsible for starting the vehicle. Their malfunctioning can lead to different problems, such as not optimal use of your car and also not starting it at all. They are also such a component that must be checked by a professional. And I think you know where are they 🙂

Lastly, your car is a really complex, very detailed vehicle intending to serve you for a long period of time. It is created in such a way, that its components depend and function with each other. This meaning that even a little issue may have severe consequences. To avoid all of these, save your money and nerves, just pay attention to your car. Don’t forget to check everything when the time comes, as some of the components require constant attention, while others need to be examined once in a while. All in all, stay safe and take proper care of your vehicle.